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My name is Joshua Wong, I am a computer engineering junior at Michigan State University. I have a keen interest in biomedical engineering and would love to learn more about the subject. I am particularly interested in nano-technology and it's applications to medicine. I am also interested in learning about advanced medical imaging deceives such as CAT scans and MRI's.

Recently I went on a study abroad experience in Europe. That was by far one of the greatest experiences in my life. The memories that I got from that were priceless. The program is called The United States and World War II Europe: Memory and Memorials. This program focused on how people are remembering WWII and how the differences between cultures affect perception of a common event. I would highly recommend any student with an interest in WWII to attend this summer program. It is an experience of a lifetime. I have written a detailed day by day description of this program available in the Study Abroad link.