Throughtout my time here at Michigan State University I taken several courses that I feel seperate me from the rest of the engineers.

ECE 491 Biomedical Imaging

This class has been one of my favorite classes at MSU, it was basically an introduction to the math and physics behind most of the modern imaging devices used by the medical profession. It also included a segment on image reconstruction and some basic signal processing.

ECE 411 Electronic Design Automation

ECE 411 was all about learning advnaced topics in VHDL. After completing this class, all I can say is that programming VHDL is very different then programming C++. Concurrent and sequential programming are two very unique concepts and it's a little hard to keep both of them seperate.

CSE 335 Software Design

This was a class that focused on object oriented design and design pattern. I feel that this class was one of the most benificial classes to my programming abilites. This class has also helped me a lot in planning the structure for one of the research projects that I've been working on.