Bayeux Day 1

Today we left from Dover and headed towards Bayeux. We got on a ferry to that went from Dover to Cailis. The ferry was nice, it had several bars, an arcade and a couple of coffee places along with some shops. When we landed in France, we visited several historical sites before we went to our hotel. We visited Pegasus Bridge and Gold beach. Pegasus bridge was a key route out of the beaches of Normandy for the Allies, and was captured by the 2nd airborne. After the bridge we visited a couple sections of Utah Beach, one was liberated by the French and the other was liberated by the Americans. On one of the beaches there was a high cliff that one of my classmate almost ran off. He only stopped because of some leftover razor wire form WWII. We got to the hotel late so we didn't have much of a dinner, just a simple meal from the hotel restaurant that was paid for by the school.


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