Bayeux Day 3

Today we visited Omaha Beach and some really cool church that I can't spell the name. We went to a museum dedicated to the D-Day invasion by Allied troops from Omaha Beach. The museum had many replica's of troops and equipment. There were also lots of genuine artifacts and several pieces of authentic equipment found in the ocean. There was also a video documenting the D-Day invasion. Overall the exhibit was very enlightening and had a lot of useful information. After that we went and walked along parts of Omaha Beach and Point du Hoc, both were sites of battles. Point du Hoc was really cool, the fields and bunkers  were hit with numerous bombs and they didn't bother to remove any rubble. It looked sweet. Lastly we went to a Church that was situated on an island where you can see the tide come in and out. We had an all expenses paid dinner there, France has some excellent food.


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