Bayeux Day 4

Today was our last day in Bayeux. We started our say by going to the cemetery near the beaches of Omaha. This was where the start of Saving Private Ryan was filmed. There it was a solemn and peaceful place. There were several major memorials dedicated to various groups scattered throughout the cemetery. Most of the grave markers were a cross with the personal information inscribed into the stone. The Jewish people had a star marking their graves, and the Medal of Honor winners had gold leaf in the engravings. After the cemetery we started to go to Paris. When we got to our hotel, the first thing I noticed was it was in an alley, that wasn't a good sign. Then we saw our rooms, it was small, much smaller then a college dorm room and there was no deadbolt on the door, only an old fashion key lock, like the kind you see in movies. The last thing we did that night was go see the Eiffel tower as it got dark. When the sun set the tower turned on a bunch of strobe lights and there was a great show for like 20 minutes.


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