Paris Day 2

Today we all went our own way. I ended up going to a park to do some reading for the class. After that, I went to the Grande Arche de La Defense. It was an arch that was larger than the Arc de Triomphe. However, due to poor construction it was in a slight state of disrepair. The view from there was great. You could literally see almost all of Paris there. There was also an interesting art gallery there. Some of the sculptures were really crazy looking. After that arc, I went to Notre Dame Cathedral where I was able to see part of the service that night. There is a link to a 2 min segment of the service. The Cathedral looks really nice on the inside with tons of stained glass. After that we went to a restaurant called the The Green Star. The sever was really nice and the food was good. I had escargot and calf liver for dinner.


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