Paris Day 3

Today I went to a science center in Paris. My first impression of when I saw it was that it was nice. The building and surrounding area was huge. When I went inside, I got a true sense of the place. This place puts most science centers in the US to shame. It had 5 floors with 3 floors of exhibits and 2 floors of library space. The special exhibit there was a Star Wars exhibit. They had original sets from all of the episodes and it was really nice. The best things in that exhibit was the original Yoda puppet from episode 5 and the actual costumes for most of the characters like Chewbacca, Luke, Leia, and Vader. The other exhibits were also interesting. They had a lot of different things there and the level of material was high enough to be informative to even college students. For example in the math section there was a display on Chaos Theory and order from Chaos. There was also exhibits focusing on genetics, biometrics, sound and light. In my opinion this center is far above anything available near Michigan. Just outside the center is one of the best parks in Paris. On a Sunday afternoon, the park was completely filled, and it wasn't tourist, these people were French. After I left the science center, I went with a group to the tallest point in Paris. This was also the worse part of the city to be in after dark. There was a nice view from the Church at the top. From there we went to dinner and then the Eiffel Tower. We went up to the second level and the view from there is indescribable. Paris at night is sooooo pretty.


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