Luxembourg Day 2

Today we departed from Luxembourg and headed for Koblintz in Germany. Before we left, we went to see two cemeteries. The first one was where General Patton was buried. It's layout was very similar to the Omaha beach cemetery. The interesting thing was that Patton had a special burial site, in front of all of the other troops. This didn't happen at the other cemeteries. There was also a large memorial there dedicated to the unknown soldiers who died. After visiting the Allied cemetery, we went to see a German cemetery. It was quite different compared to the Allied cemeteries. First off, the place was a lot less tidy, the grass and trees were more wild and the stones were not was clean as the Allied stones. Another key difference was that the Germans used four bodies per plot instead of one as the Allies did. After touring the cemeteries and driving a little more, we reached the high point of the night. A cruise of the Rhine River. We had a nice dinner on the boat and some really great wine. I had a pork knuckle for dinner, it was interesting but good. Some of the views from the river was fascinating. We saw several castles and some great scenery.


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