London Day 4

Today we visited St. Paul's and the HMS Belfast. I wasn't able to take pictures at St. Paul's so I can't really show what I saw there. But I can say that it was a very impressive building to step into. The ceiling is extremely high, about 100M. It is mainly dedicated to remembering great military heroes of the UK. People such as Nelson and Montgomery are remembered there. One thing I found lacking in the Church was stained glass. Apparently this is due to the fact it suffered heavy damage in WWI and WWII and much of it was rebuilt. In the 20th century, it was not popular to use stained glass.  There was also an Anne Frank exhibit in the Church. After the Church we went to see the HMS Belfast. The Belfast is an old WWII cruiser that was converted to a museum. I got to see almost every part of the ship. It was hard to believe that there were 800 men on a ship that size. Also some of the places were VERY narrow. After the boat trips a bunch of us went to a pub for some dinner and a beer.


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